Friday, July 5, 2013

Europe Holiday 2009

Sometime during the end of March, Sham and I went on a 3-week holiday to Europe. We spent time in the UK, Switzerland and Germany.
It was a wonderful, wonderful time (Yes, it was at this holiday that our child was conceived. We made good use of our time there, you see)
We met up with old friends, made some new ones, had a 3-day stay at the beautiful Lake District, went on a 5 day road trip to northern England, took long, leisurely walks around the lovely lakes of Geneva and tried all sorts of different delicacies at different places.
Oh we had a ball - a holiday we'll look back at with great joy in the years to come!
Here are some pictures.

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mom2ashleyaidan said...

Hey! I am so jeolous that you guys got to go to Europe! Glad that it was a very fruitful trip :P