Sunday, June 9, 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

I have a embarassing story to tell. Read on.

So Sham's been away for the last 4 nights, on work.
The first night, on the weekend, my mum & sister stayed over.
The second and third, I slept alone.

My mum and mum-in-law called everyday asking if I was ok, if I wanted them to come over and spend the night, if I knew the number to the nearest police station, etc.

I'd sigh and say "I'm fine!" "Stop worrying!" "I travel so much for work and stay in strange hotels, I most certainly can stay alone in my own home!"

I've even stayed alone in the ancient, creepy, Kuala Kangsar Rest House for two nights, what's a night alone at home, I thought!

So I slept alone those two nights and they were totally uneventful.
Last night however, last night.... was a whole other story!

I got back from work, changed into my sporting gear, grabbed my gloves and rushed for kickboxing class. Returned home, bathe and did my hair, fixed dinner & ate it in front of the TV. Went to bed at almost midnight.

Then I heard it... a loud, resounding THUMP!
My eyes flew open, and I stared out into the darkness in fright.
I wracked my brain thinking about the things that go bump in the night, and my paranoid mind kept coming back to one - an intruder knocking against my furniture!

I stayed up hoping I wouldn't hear it again... and I did!

Grabbed my handphone and called the 4-hours-away husband.
Groggy and half asleep, he convinced me that it was NOT an intruder and probably something that had fallen, a picture frame or something.
Just as I was about to believe him, I heard it again... THUMP!
and again.. THUMP! THUMP!!

I almost screamed outloud!

Shaman panicked and immediately called his folks, who live about 5 minutes away.
(Embarassing bit starts here)

They jumped out of bed, hopped into the car, and rushed over. They had a spare key so I didn't have to get out of the room and open the door for them (thank God!)
Mum-in-law walked straight up to my room and gave me a big hug. I was sweating by then! Dad-in-law walked around the whole house, inspecting every corner and every room.
We finally found the source of the noise - the water pump up in the roof.

Yes, the loud thumping sound I heard, which nearly scared me to death and forced my in laws out of bed past midnight - was from the water pump.

Mum-in-law spent the night with me and dad-in-law went home laughing his head off. God bless them!

Siiiigh..this is one story that's going to make its rounds at every family gathering... probably right up until 2035!

Now, please excuse me while I go hide my face in shame!


Anonymous said...

;) im not surprised la..but aunty T and uncle G so nice la..better start calling them ma and pa :)

Fiona said...

hahaha..despite being the drama queen that you are -- you have every right to freak with this one! lol

Snow said...

Good post.