Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Long and Beautiful Slumber

Shaman had a sudden very bad coughing bout on Tuesday night.
He coughed and coughed till his whole body hurt.

Needless to say, neither of us got much sleep that night.

What a night it was!

It was all quite funny actually, looking back - so much activity at SUCH an ungodly hour!
Sham walking to the bathroom for the 500th time, coughing up phlegm.
Me walking downstairs to the kitchen, eyes half open, to get his cough mixture.
Sham looking at me and sheepishly asking if I could fix him lemon juice with honey.
Me walking to the kitchen again, hardly believing that I had obliged!
Both of us sitting up in bed, Sham sipping his juice hoping desperately it provides some relief and me rubbing his back.

The next morning, needless to say, neither of us could wake up. We slept right through ringing alarm clocks and handphones!
I just about managed to call the office to take the day off and went right back to bed.

Sham and I slept like we'd never slept before. We slept away the stress from the busy weekend, past late nights and the collected exhaustion from our activity filled and jam packed weekdays... and awoke at 5pm. Yes, 5 in the evening!
It was the best sleep we've EVER had!
And when we awoke, Sham was cured.

Sometimes, a good sleep-in is really all the body needs.
We awoke feeling rejuvenated and throughly and completely.... rested.


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sooky said...

Sounds like something that I should do too!... if I managed to get someone to look after NingNing the little monster that is... *sigh*...