Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Long and Beautiful Break

One of the great things about living in a multi racial country, is that thanks to the many religous celebrations, we get all these public holidays!

We we were off work (almost) the entire week :)))
I'm so sad it's over :(((

We got some things done around the house. Sham finished the bookshelf. He also tidied up our storeroom (it got all messed up again a few days back... oh well!) We cleaned our carpets and learnt to cook some new dishes. Changes some light bulbs, put up some pictures, sorted out a blocked pipe problem.

It as Mum's birthday on Thursday, so we threw a BBQ party at our place on Wednesday night. Had both families over till way over midnight!
Spent some time at my folk's and some time with Sham's.
Spent some time with friends - a very yummy dinner at Unique Seafood, followed by drinks at ours. Had another group of friends over for tea on Saturday.

Spent some time together, just us, doing couple things. We did lunch at Coliseum Cafe (it was just us at the quaint, old place - kinda romantic in a way), went to our local neighbourhood pub for music and drinks (and realized we hadn't been out so late since we got married!), went shopping, bought some new clothes, watched movies at home, ran some errands together.

All in all, time pretty well spent.

Are there any more holidays in October, by the way?
There are... right? ... right? ... right?


Anonymous said...

yes deepavali..oct 27th.. WOOOO HOOO !!
this word verification thing very annoying la..

Anonymous said...

Just be glad there so many holidays over there. :( Its just Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving over here. :( I miss home.... :(

Mel and Sham said...

word verification removed! :)

3 public holidays a year?...gosh!

Bern said...

..and Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

= 5 public holidays a year! :(