Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Goat Farm

Two of my ex-uni mates, a very entrepreneurial couple, recently decided to invest in the goat business. Apparently a lot of money was to be made in goat meat! They'd bought a goat farm in Kuala Selangor some months back and have been asking us to come visit for ages.

So, just before Christmas, Sham and I took some of our friends and siblings there for a visit.

Man oh man... what fun we had! I'd never been to a goat farm before, so everything was so new! My friend, Anand, took us on the grand tour around the farm. I thought it was all so cool - the baby goats, the mummy goats, the big papa goat, goat houses, goat food! He explained the mating process, the birthing process, the milking process, the grazing, the feeding, the buying and selling. Apparently, a lot of work goes into producing the perfect goat!

Anand got his workers to prepare our lunch at the farm and they cooked up a feast! Chicken, wild boar, vege, dhal, all fried, cooked and grilled to perfection! Yummm!

It was such a swell time! To be so close to nature, surrounded by tall trees and with friends you love the most is simply... bliss!

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