Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 'Dog Experiment'

This is a picture of Shaman taking my PARENTS's dog Figgy into his car.

Being my PARENTS's dog, Figgy (short for Sir Alex Ferguson) should be in my PARENTS's house. However, at lunch in my mum's today, Shaman talked me into allowing him bring Figgy back to our house.

Apparently this is some sort of a 'dog experiment'. This 'experiment', according to my husband, is very useful as it will reveal to us a lot of very important things - like if our home is dog-friendly enough, and if we are able to look after a dog - should we decide to get one in the future.

Okay Sham, I love you, so... whatever you say, babe!

Figgy will be on our home for 2 days (so Shaman promises), she will NOT eat my much loved and carefully tended plants (so Shaman promises) and she will NOT kill the squirrels that scamper around in our garden every so often (so Shaman promises).

No doubt, Shaman & I are going to have a very interesting weekend.

Sham's all optimistic about it.

And I'm... well, I'm...
... less optimistic

P.S. - Watch this space for updates on the 'dog experiment'.


Anonymous said...

that was fast.. didnt we just leave the house.. Guessing you must be bored. laura
Ps: no pictures of little maya?

trina said...

hahahahahaha.. have fun Melissa!