Sunday, June 9, 2013

The 'Dog Experiment' Results

Here's what we learnt -
  • Dogs need affection and attention, which neither Sham nor I could give much of. We're not at home very much and the days are just so hectic. So, most of the time, she was left to herself to roam around our small garden.
  • Dogs need exercise! Throughout the 5 days Figs was with us, Shaman only manage to take her out once for a walk around the neighbourhood.
  • Dog meals should be planned in advance. We kept coming back home late especially over the weekends, so poor Figgy had her meals late too! And even then after she barked to remind us!
  • Dog fur is a pain! Figgy's were all over the place! I had to keep vacuuming our patio set.
I guess it looks like Sham and I won't be getting a dog anytime soon.
Jeez... how will we manage a baby??!
P.S. - Figgy did NOT eat my plants or kill any squirrels :)

1 comment:

Mel and Sham said...

Yeah, I get your point. No Dogs allowed needs a big space, even if its a small dog