Friday, June 7, 2013

Tabasco, Sham?

Sham and I were at one of favourite hang outs last Friday night - Salvador in Damansara Heights. We totally love it for its great food, quiet ambience and classy do up. Exactly what boring people like us need on a Friday nite ;)

Anyway, while we were there, I jokingly challenge Sham to drink some Tabasco sauce straight up! Obviously, I was joking right? I mean, this is Tabasco sauce we're talking about. The one that's made from this!!

And for some reason, our macha decides to take up my challenge! I should have known... Indian rite?!!

I managed to capture said Indian guy in action - as he attempts what he no doubt perceives as - the utlimate Jantan test.

Step 1 : Douce a blobful onto palm

Step 2 : Lick entire blobful off palm

Step 3 : Feel your tongue on fire

Step 4: Now, feel your guts on fire

Step 5: Lastly, pretend it's all good. Best thing you've ever tasted!


Fiona said...

LOL. SO Shaman.

Anan said...

Hmmm it is very obvious that my friend will do anything for a challenge Mel so it would be best advised to keep the challenges down.. so as to use it only when its advantages to you or any of his friends..

Mel & Sham said...

Fi - Yeah man... SO my uncle rite? Especially the pics!

Anan - Hahaha... good advice!

kandan said...

dei cartoon surely u can do beter than that. hat have i thought u all these years28071978