Sunday, June 9, 2013

Penang - Sept 18-20

Penang, this time around was short but sweet.

We chilled at the beach at Penang Club, had dinner at Hai Nan Town, by Church Street Pier and patted the horses outside Fort Cornwallis.

We stopped by the snake temple on our way back.
Hubs was disappointed all the snakes were in captivity.
(He figured snakes in the wild would unleash the screaming, squealing drama queen in his wife which would no doubt, entertain him hugely!)

I found the place pretty boring.. until we came across this!

It's the Green Tree Python, or the Morelia Viridis.
Isn't it just gorgeous? I couldn't take my eyes off it!
Definitely the highlight of my trip!


Fiona said...

so pretty! the skin would make a cool tile design for a bathroom or something!

Anonymous said...

skin would make a lovely bag.
how are you fiona.. havent seen you online in awhile

Mel and Sham said...

tile, yes. Bag?? NOO!! eeewwww