Friday, June 7, 2013

Panic AttAck!

The wedding's in 2 months or so...

One weekend after another and next thing you know, the 2 months will fly by and it'll be the wedding day.

I would have looked like crap because my mum, sis and I couldn't agree on which accessories matched my dress well and in the end, the one we chose actually looked awful when worn with the dress!

My bouquet would look like crap because I gave my flower lady too much off a free hand in designing in and she really had no idea what I actually wanted!

Half our guests wouldn't have attended because the invitations went out too late and didn't reach them in time!

The ones who do attend would have gotten hugely confused about where their seats were because I didn't organize the seating well enough and didn't train my registration team!

All my guest would have left right after dinner and no one would have stayed to dance because I didn't have enough time to compile good dancing songs!

Our speech and multimedia presentation would have been so boring because we didn't start working on it early enough!

Everyone would have gone home complaining because the food took so damn long to be served!

We would have moved into a dusty and almost empty house because we started renovations too late! All our cutlery, utensils, appliances, clothes, etc would be on the floor or in boxes because we took our own sweet time getting the cabinets sorted!

... I need a drink!


Siedne said...

aiyo can feel my blood pressure going up reading ur stress! wait till u get nightmares; all i did was plan my 21st and already so many nightmares hehehe

Mel & Sham said...

Serious.... oh man!

You'll probably get them again too when Rowena's wedding draws nearer!

Fiona said...

DONT BE ME. PARANOID. :-D it will be perfect!

Mel & Sham said...

thanks :) Hope you're right!