Sunday, June 9, 2013

Our Langkawi Getaway

So Sham & I decided to utilize our free stay and flew to Langkawi last weekend.

I must say, the Berjaya Beach and Spa Resort, Langkawi is a great place to stay! We were lucky, it wasn't very crowded the weekend we were there. We were told, the place the place gets SO crowded sometimes, it looks like a circus!

So thank goodness for our good timing!

We were treated with excellent service the moment we arrived. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I was very impressed.

Oh and they actually upgraded our room from the already fabulous Premier Chalet on Water, to the Executive Suite on Water!

Here are some photos of our stay...

It was a short but very memorable stay... one of many, many we plan to take!


Anonymous said...

i like your dress..laura
nice pictures

aidaht said...

mel.. u SO very lucky la... bestnya!!! berjaya looks fab (and so do u hehe)