Sunday, June 9, 2013

Off To Penang!

Sham and I are heading to Penang this weekend.

He actually has work there, so I decided to take Friday off work and go with him.
It's all kinda impromptu... but well, those are the best kind of holidays, ain't it?

Our last impromptu trip to Penang, shortly after we got married, was awesome!

We stayed at the quaint, unassuming and simply delightful Penang Club and filled our 2 days stay with activity - trishaw rides late at night, nature walks in the Penang National Park, lots of hawker-fried char koay toew, jazz at No 32, drinks at the E&O...

It was wonderful!

I can't wait for this trip! It sure is fun being carefree newly-weds.. and we plan to soak in every minute of it!

N.B - Picture is of the restaurant at Penang Club. We love sitting out there, just chilling and feeling the wind blowing

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Anonymous said...

Awww .. have fun.. drive carefully..