Sunday, June 9, 2013

It's The Allan & Indi Show!!!

Sham & I had a wonderfully delighful time on Friday night.
We watched Malaysia's awesome comedy duo, Allan Perera & Indi Nadaraja in action!
Together, they make up the Comedy Court, a fabulous production that has been making it rounds in our live entertainment scenes since 1997.

This time round, the show is called We Don't Swear, a hilarious performance by the two that poke fun at just about everything Malaysian - our politics, our lifestyles choices, our food, our politics, uor relationships, our habits & pecularities, our politics, our weather, did I mention our politics? And oh boy, were they FUNNY!!

They were AWESOME, switching roles so easily - from corrupt Members of Parliment on minute, to typical China-men the next and then to old aunties in another!

They TOTALLY cracked us up! The dialogue, the expression and mannerism... I never laughed so much!

Man... WHAT a night!

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