Sunday, June 9, 2013

Cruising with Sham

One of my favouritest things to do with Sham is to hop into the car and take a long drive some place just for the heck of it! Most of our trips didn't exactly turn out 'well', though. But that never made them any less fun!

For instance, once, on a random Friday night, we found ourselved bored and decided.. hey! let's go to Gentings! So we drove up, only to find the place closed and it was pouring cats and dogs!

Then another time, we drove up to Frasers Hill on a Sunday, only to discover it was under major development and most restaurants were closed!

Funny thing was, it didn't bother us at all! Who cared? After all, the fun was in the drive!!

Sham would open the sun roof open and let the cool air in. I'd flip off my sandals and sit with my legs curled under me.
We'd munch on donuts, chat, revel each other with stories from our childhood.
Or we'd play our favourite songs on the radio and sing loudly along.
Or we'd just be quiet, and take in the fantastic green that surrounds our highways.
And sometimes, I'd lean slightly over to my right and rest my head on Sham's shoulder while he drove us safely home.

NB : Pic taken on the drive up to Frasers


Siedne said...

i love driving (actually, being DRIVEN) around too! esp around kl at night to watch the mabuk ppl and the outrageous dressing hehe

Anonymous said...

Safe driving huh?? I get the look, everytime I pass 100mph mark, but when Mel's takes it the limit it's way past 120mph!!! Roughly 180km/h, only that my speedometer dial is calibrated in miles per hour.