Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Flashback!

Recently, I went with Sham to send his brother off to the airport. He was off to Europe for two weeks on business.

His girlfriend came with us and it was sweet watching them bid each other goodbye. She was clinging on lovingly to his arm and he looked just so sad that he had to leave.

It reminded me of the time, almost 2 years ago, when Sham & I were still dating and he had to go to Europe for 2 weeks. Shortly after he'd flown off, I sent this email, to Jeevan, the friend he was going to live with there for a few days, before work began.

Dearest Jeevan,

Hi there :-) How are you? We haven't met but I have a HUGE favour to ask...

As I write this, precious cargo is airborne due to arrive at your doorstep in approximately 10 hours. It is well packaged (oh very well indeed) and attractive looking (in fact, is known to be quite a turn on), is sturdy and built well (built very well), mobile (so you needn't worry about lifting or carrying), and not fragile (except when in my arms and requiring some TLC).

Said cargo has been placed in my care the past few months and as a result is functioning pretty well, in fact I believe, has never been better.

But fate has decided that it be parted from me for 2 weeks.
A sad 2 weeks indeed, as said cargo is irreplaceable, and I desperately await its return!

Back to my favour.....

.... I hope it's not too much to ask

.... but if you don't mind

.... I would be so grateful

.... and ever indebted to you

.... if you could please

.... please

.... please

.... take good care

.... extremely good care

.... of my Baby... my li'l Shamu-sweetums!!!


Basically, just do whetever it takes so that he's always smiling and happy!


With gratitude

I laughed out loud reading that!

Anyway, this was Jeevan's reply.

Dear Melissa,

My my, is this lurve or what?

Umm, I did pick up some cargo from Manchester airport, although I am unsure if it is that which you describe. The rather overweight cargo I picked up does not seem to match your description. Ah, well, love is blind, so I'm told..

Hmmm.... it normally costs a fortune in alcohol to keep this guy happy and smiling, but I shall see what I can do....

Hope to see you soon, insyallah!


Reading that brought back a flood of memories and made me laugh out loud! Looking back, we we had an amazing courtship! It was fun,


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...



I so enjoyed reading this!

Anonymous said...

you sent that to someone you didn't know? Awesome. Very the happy for you =]

I'm updating more by the way - or trying to at least.

Mel & Sham said...

Hi Lita! Glad you enjoyed the post!

Logii!! So happy you dropped by! So good you're updating - 1 more blog to stalk!