Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Boy & A Girl & Home Cooked Food

I wasn't feeling very well the other night. So my sweet husband made me lamb stew! I watched and diligently wrote down the recipe. (Yes, it's a well known fact that Sham cooks like a pro and Mel can't at all... but that's going to change because I'm learning!!)

It turned out delicious and definitely helped clear the flu bug.

We ate together by the island, talking, sharing, laughing. Life is good. And my husband is the best!


Fiona said...

nyam nyam! :-) And with wine? Nice. BTW what's the Milo thing?

Mel & Sham said...

Haha.. that's a topic worthy of another post! Stay tuned!

Rowie said...

hey mel,
get a cbox we can spam it nice and well :)

Mel & Sham said...